Apr 02, 2023  
Butler Community College Catalog 2021-22 
Butler Community College Catalog 2021-22 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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CH 115. College Chemistry 2 (T►)

This course will enable the student to continue learning the chemistry of metallic elements and their compounds as well as the elementary principles of analytical chemistry. The student will also learn to solve problems dealing with solution concentrations, chemical equilibrium, solubility products, buffers, thermodynamics, and electrochemistry. An introduction to nuclear and/or organic chemistry may be included. Laboratory experiments incorporate analysis, synthesis, and acquisition of quantitative and qualitative data. Three hours of lecture/recitation and four hours of laboratory per week.

Prerequisite(s): CH 110  and MA 135  (or MA 132 , MA 133 , and MA 134 ) all with a C or better.

Credits: 5

Kansas SystemWide Transfer Course

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