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Butler Community College 2024-25 Catalog 
Butler Community College 2024-25 Catalog

Pre-Health Professions (AS)

Program Information

The Pre-Health Professions pathway is designed for students interested in a health-related career.  The semester-by-semester sequence requires students to complete at least one lab science course per semester, which sets the science foundation for any health-related transfer major.  Students may choose science and elective courses that are required for specific health-related careers or preferred transfer majors at 4-year institutions.  Butler advisors can help students determine the most appropriate combination of science and elective courses.  This pathway meets the requirements for an Associates of Science (AS) degree.

Federal financial aid may be available for classes required to meet a student’s Butler degree requirements. Once a student meets minimum degree requirements they are no longer eligible or federal financial aid- this includes grants, loans, and work-study.


It is highly recommended that students who choose this pathway meet with an advisor to select the most appropriate combination of courses.

Butler General Education Bucket Requirements (34-35)

Butler Community College participates in the Kansas systemwide general education (SGE) framework within AA and AS degrees.  The SGE framework includes 34-35 credit hours organized in 7 “buckets” each identified by an individual SGE code.  

  • All students are required to take EG101 and EG102 from Bucket 1.
  • All students are required to take either SP100 or SP102 from Bucket 2.
  • All students are required to take one math course from Bucket 3.
  • All other buckets where a course is marked as preferred, students can choose any course listed in the state approved bucket if they meet the prerequisite for the course. 
  • Courses in any of the buckets 3-7 not marked preferred are mandatory in the pathway unless an alternative is approved by the dean overseeing the pathway.
  • Courses listed in the Pathway not identified with a bucket are required for completion of the given degree pathway and are not intended to fulfill the state approved general education bucket package.
  • Students are encouraged to contact Academic Advising for further information.

For more information: Butler General Education Bucket Requirements  

Bucket 1   Bucket 2   Bucket 3   Bucket 4   Bucket 5   Bucket 6   Bucket 7  

Contact Information

Julio Guerrero
Dean, Health, Education, and Public Services
Office: BOE, 15245

First Term: 14 Credit Hours

Second Term: 16 Credit Hours

Third Term: 15-16 Credit Hours

Fourth Term: 16-17 Credit Hours

Select one: 3 Credit Hours (Bucket 2-SGE020)

Select one: 3 Credit Hours

Total Degree Pathway Credit Hours: 61-63