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Butler Community College 2024-25 Catalog 
Butler Community College 2024-25 Catalog

Fire Science Leadership (Certificate A)

Program Information

The City of El Dorado Fire Department, in conjunction with the Butler Community College Fire Science Department Residency Program:

The Fire Science residency program is an opportunity for college students who are enrolled as fire science majors at Butler Community College to gain a two-year experience working with a municipal fire department, while achieving an associate’s degree through Butler Community College.

The residency program will provide positive training and experience to men or women pursuing a career in fire and emergency services. While enrolled, the program will provide a learning environment where students may take advantage of college level instruction, continuing education seminars, and skill development through on-the-job training.

Fire protection and emergency services in every city is recognized as a vitally important service. New and unusual problems resulting from rapid technological advancements, urbanization, industry, and modern modes of transportation have drastically broadened the scope of fire protection responsibilities. The fire and emergency services of today have become more technical, requiring individuals working together to provide public education, fire protection, emergency medical services, as well as mitigating hazardous materials incidents, and performing fire suppression and rescues.

Program Information

The fire science program is committed to providing an integral link between formal education and the emergency services through essential training in life safety, protection of property and environmental conservation, benefiting the students and the communities they serve. Butler’s Fire Science Program is located at the Emergency Services Training Center, 2610 W. 6th Street, in El Dorado. Butler’s Fire Science Program offers a large selection of courses in Butler, Sedgwick and surrounding Counties. The majority of the courses are taught in the fire stations at those locations. Instructors are current and retired fire service personnel ranging from Firefighters to Fire Chiefs. 

Butler Community College is committed to flexible pathways for our student’s success. Courses are offered in varying delivery formats; face-to-face, blended and online. When reviewing this pathway, please check the Class Schedule to identify which format the course is offered to make sure you are selecting the delivery modality that fits your needs.

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Additional Costs

An additional lab fee is assessed to each program course to cover cost of equipment maintenance, repair and replacement, lab consumables, and certification exam fees. Fees are subject to change.

Contact Information

Zach Lindsey
Lead Instructor
Office: BOE, Bldg 2600

Evan Seiwert
Department Chair, Fire and EMS
Office: BOE, Bldg 2600

Angie Martin
Administrative Assistant
Office: BOE, Bldg 2600

Total Certificate Pathway Credit Hours: 16