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Butler Community College 2023-24 Catalog 
Butler Community College 2023-24 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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PH 103. Descriptive Astronomy (O, T►)

This course will enable the student to study the characteristics of the solar system, stars, and galaxies. Also discussed will be the tools and methods used by astronomers. Other topics will include the effect of the space program on the understanding of astronomical phenomena, several of the current theories on the origin of the universe, and the current projects involved in the search of extraterrestrial intelligence. In the laboratory portion of the course, familiarity with the objects on the nighttime sky constellations, the feature of the moon, identification of planets will be developed. Techniques of small telescopes and binoculars will be developed, indoor exercises will include the use of star and constellation charts, planetary models, and a variety of computer activities. This course will meet for three hours of lecture and 2 hours of laboratory per week.

Credits: 4

Kansas SystemWide Transfer Course

O - This course is offered online.

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