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Butler Community College 2023-24 Catalog 
Butler Community College 2023-24 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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NR 122. Patient Centered Care (PCC) 2: Common, Acute and Chronic Health Problems

This course will enable the student to begin to prioritize care for patients with common, (acute and chronic), physical and mental health problems across the lifespan. The student will also provide evidence-based care for the childbearing and childrearing families. The student will apply developmental concepts to the care of the patient and family across the lifespan in diverse clinical settings. The student will demonstrate effective communication skills, professional behaviors, complex nursing skills, and care coordination while caring for patients across the lifespan. The student will integrate teaching and learning processes in the delivery of patient care across the lifespan.

Prerequisite(s): NR 101 , NR 102 , NR 116 , NR 161 , BI 231 , BS 260 , and AH 111 , all with a C or better or concurrent enrollment in AH 111 and BS 260.

Corequisite(s): NR 117  and NR 262 .

Credits: 7

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